Video of community protest at RCEP talks in Hyderabad, India

July 25, 2017: Media Release: The Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network strongly supports the community protests in Hyderabad that challenged TPP-like proposals in the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership 19th round of negotiations this week,” said AFTINET Convenor Dr Patricia Ranald today.

The RCEP talks include India, China, Japan, the 10 ASEAN countries, Australia and New Zealand. Leaked documents have revealed TPP like proposals on medicine monopolies, deregulation of services and corporate powers to sue governments in international tribunals.

Hundreds of workers, farmers, public health activists, environment, women’s and other community groups from India and other RCEP countries marched against proposals for deregulation of services, stronger monopolies on medicines and seeds, and allowing corporations to sue governments. There was also a flash protest at the negotiating venue. See video and photos here.

“We join with community groups in India and other RCEP countries in rejecting these proposals, which would mean higher prices for medicines, deregulation of services and increased corporate rights at the expense of people’s rights. Concerted campaigning by public health, trade union and environmental organisations stopped the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and the same agenda is not acceptable in the RCEP,” said Dr Ranald.

“The Australian government should not be supporting TPP-like provisions in the RCEP when the Australian parliament has not endorsed the text of the TPP.”


See pdf of media release here.