Forum - Trading Privatisation - Time to Fight Back

Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) are driving privatisation on a global scale.  They pose a very real threat to public sector services and may even prevent attempts to re-nationalise when privatisation fails.

The TPP may be dead, and TiSA may be terminally ill, but RCEP is alive and well.  And there are signs that with the demise of larger agreements, the same outcomes are being sought in bi-lateral agreements.

To find out how this affects you and your members, and what we can do about free trade agreements, PSI and AFTINET are holding a one day forum Trading Privatisation.

This forum is aimed at Organisers, educators, policy and campaign staff and key member leaders within unions and civil society organisations.

The forum runs in two parts; increasing our understanding of the issues and identifying opportunities to oppose these FTAs.

31 August
10am - 4pm
Level 7, 321 Pitt St, Sydney