RCEP negotiations 2-12 May in the Philippines

3 May 2017: The next round of RCEP negotiations are being held in Manila, the Philippines, on May 2-12. There is still a push from some countries, including Australia, to use TPP language in the RCEP.

Among other key issues it’s expected that controversial intellectual property rules will be discussed at this meeting. The TPP’s IP chapter effectively extended monopoly rights on lifesaving medicines, delaying access to cheaper medicines. This could be even more concerning in the RCEP, since it includes India, which produces many of the region’s cheaper generic medicines.

There are also TPP-like proposals on foreign investor rights to bypass national courts and sue governments in international tribunals.

We’ll be monitoring this closely and have sent a representative to travel to Manila to observe the talks and participate in civil society activities. Another round of negotiations is scheduled to be held in India in July.

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