TPP protest as Trade Ministers meet in Viña del Mar, Chile

15 March 2017: Chilean community organisations have united to protest the TPP and the corporate agenda of regional trade deals as trade ministers meet in Viña del Mar this week to discuss the post-TPP future.

The local groups raised concerns about the TPP’s damaging impacts on health, democracy and the environment and called on trade ministers not to revive the dead TPP.

These are the same concerns that 200 organisations from 15 countries outlined in a letter to trade ministers in the lead up to the meeting in Chile.

In the letter, the civil society organisations urged trade ministers to engage with the community in an “open and democratic process to develop alternative approaches that genuinely serve the needs of our peoples, our nations and the planet."

Representatives from TPP countries plus China, Korea and Colombia are attending the talks. Unfortunately some governments - including Australia - want to see the failed TPP used as a model for future trade agreements.