53 diverse organisations call on Labor to reject failed TPP

Media Release: 6 February, 2017: Fifty-three diverse health, church, union, environment and aid organisations representing more than two million Australians have endorsed a letter calling on Labor to reject the failed TPP and ensure fairness in future trade deals, including the RCEP.

“Not only would it be futile to endorse an agreement that would never come into effect but it would also be damaging for future trade debate in Australia,” they write.

“Instead of endorsing a failed agreement, we urge you to embrace the opportunity for better trade deals in the future, which support rather than undermine labour rights, access to medicines, and democratic rights to regulate in the public interest.”

Endorsing organisations included the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council, the Australian Conservation Foundation, the Australian Council of Trade Unions, the Public Health Association of Australia, GetUp and Oxfam Australia.

Read the full letter and media release here.