The 7 trade deals being negotiated in 2017

Including the TiSA and RCEP there are seven trade deals AFTINET will be monitoring this year.

The others are:

  1. Australia-Indonesia FTA: This is now a main priority for government with the aim to finish mid-late 2017. Key issues include ISDS, movement of temporary workers and stronger medicine monopolies. Read more.
  2. PACER-Plus: The 2016 deadline for completion was missed after PNG withdrew from the negotiations and Fiji announced that it does not agree with the final text. We are concerned about the deal having negative impacts for Pacific Islands on local employment, government revenue, access to services, health outcomes and food security. Read more.
  3. Australia-India FTA: Negotiations remain on hold but may resume this year. Major issues include ISDS and temporary migrant workers. Read more.
  4. Australia-EU FTA: Talks will begin in 2017 towards an FTA with the EU. A possible separate FTA with Britain cannot begin until Brexit is complete. Read more.
  5. Three ongoing WTO negotiations: Negotiations are ongoing at the WTO for the Information Technology Agreement and Environmental Goods Agreement. Australia is also seeking to join the WTO Government Procurement Agreement, which would lock in restrictions on local content. Read more.