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This year has been a busy year. Once the TPP text was finally released after years of secrecy, we worked to expose the devils in the detail: like rights for corporations to sue governments, longer medicine monopolies and inadequate protection for workers and the environment.

Our media work and campaigning resulted in widespread public opposition to the TPP, from organisations concerned about public health and the environment to consumer advocates, unions and church groups. AFTINET supporters sent emails and made phone calls, campaigned on social media, wrote editors to the editor, attended rallies and organised events. 

Together, we won: the TPP's death is a result of six years of campaigning here in Australia and in other TPP countries. But our campaign mustn't stop here. Corporate representatives and the Turnbull Government are already looking for ways to push through the TPP under a different name. Some of the worst TPP clauses have also been proposed in the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) and other trade deals.

We've had a great victory but this is only just the beginning. Now, we need to fight for a new, fairer trade debate: one that puts workers, human rights and the environment first.

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