TiSA ministerial cancelled as unions ramp up criticism

Nov 24 2016: A ministerial meeting to discuss the Trade in Services Agreement planned for early December was cancelled after it became clear that a deal would not be reached in time considering Donald Trump’s election and ongoing EU concerns over data flows, market access and the regulation of new services.

Instead of a ministerial meeting chief negotiators will meet to discuss the next steps and to prepare for a new administration in the US.

Meanwhile, new analysis of leaked TiSA documents by the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) has exposed the way the deal would concentrate more power for multinational corporations, put a stranglehold on vital government regulation, undo the limited progress which has been made on regulating banks and finance conglomerates, and lead to an "Uberisation" of millions of workers' jobs. 

ITUC General Secretary Sharan Burrow said that while other trade deals are making headlines, governments are working with corporate lobbyists to “smuggle TiSA through”.

"Governments have still not learned the lesson that putting corporate interests ahead of the living standards and lives of their own people is not only unjust, it is political stupidity,” Ms Burrow said.

You can read their report, titled ‘All about TiSA’ here.