TPP dead after six years of campaigning

14 November 2016: Over the weekend, the US administration confirmed that they would not push the TPP through the current lame duck Congress: effectively abandoning the deal.

While Trump's election may have dealt the final blow, it's been people like you and organisations like ours which have campaigned since 2010 against the TPP's corporate agenda. Democrat opposition in the US Congress has been driven by US community campaigns like ours, expressed through Bernie Sanders, while Republicans have opposed it for different reasons.

It's been a long fight and we want to thank all of our supporters - especially those organisations and individuals who have been with us for the whole six years

Here in Australia, thousands of people mobilised against the unfair deal, participating in online actions, attending rallies,  public meetings, and influencing politicians. Citizens in almost every TPP country did the same and there was a huge groundswell of opposition to the deal worldwide.

There is an APEC meeting in Peru next week and the US administration plans to meet with other TPP governments on the margins. They will discuss future possible alternative trade deals.

While we should celebrate our victory we will also be monitoring this meeting to see what comes of their talks.

We'll also keep campaigning so that the TPP's flawed, corporate-driven model isn't used in the RCEP and TiSA deals currently being negotiated.

Read our media release here.

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