Trump win does not guarantee no TPP: the campaign continues

November 10, 2016: The shock election of Donald Trump as the next US President does not necessarily mean the TPP will never be ratified, as some are predicting. In fact, the TPP could still pass the current lame duck Congress held before Mr Trump is sworn into office on January 20 next year.

The Obama administration pushing hard for this and some Republicans still support the TPP despite Trump’s opposition.

According to analysis in the AFR, the TPP may still pass with the support of the Republican Congressional leadership and by overcoming specific opposition of some Republicans, especially Senator Orin Hatch who wants even longer monopoly protection for biologic medicines (that is, a worse TPP for health: read more here).

AFTINET will be publishing more on this soon. Keep an eye on our website for the latest.

One thing remains clear: we must continue to campaign against the TPP here in Australia until it is definitively defeated, here or elsewhere. 

The TPP can be defeated by the majority in the Senate. You can take action by writing to Labor’s trade spokesperson, Jason Clare here.