International RCEP week of action

October 24, 2016: Last week was the international RCEP week of action, a coordinated week of advocacy across our region led by civil society organisations including AFTINET.

Ninety-four civil society groups from 12 RCEP countries released an open letter to RCEP governments condemning proposals for stronger medicine monopolies which would delay the availability of cheaper versions of medicines. This would make new medicines unaffordable in developing countries and cost Australia’s public health system hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

There was coordinated social media advocacy and events across the region, including in India, the Philippines, indonesia, Thailand and here in Australia.

AFTINET organised an online forum ‘Lives on the Line’, with speakers from AFTINET and Doctors Without Borders (MSF). This was broadcast live on Oct 18 and is now available for viewing via this link.

AFTINET Convener Pat Ranald also spoke at Unions WA’s international conference about the impact of mega-trade deals like the RCEP and the TPP on rising inequality.