Unions say TPP destroys jobs, deepens inequality, increases health costs

18 October 2016: Unions called for the TPP to be rejected at a parliamentary hearing on Monday, citing independent analyses showing it could destroy 39,000 jobs by 2025.
ACTU’s director of policy Belinda Tkalcevic said “The TPP is a toxic combination of more power to multinationals ahead of democracy and globalisation ahead of Australian workers.”
The Guardian reports that this position is at odds with that of the Labor party, citing Opposition Trade Minister Jason Clare’s statement that: “Labor recognises the potential benefits for Australia from the TPP, including increased market access for our goods and services.” 
However, Mr Clare also said that: “Labor has insisted that no element of the TPP should affect the cost and availability of medicines for Australians,” and that “Labor [also] does not support the inclusion of investor-state dispute settlement provisions in any trade agreement, including the TPP.”
Labor’s position on the TPP’s implementing legislation is still unclear. Make your voice heard by making a submission to the Senate inquiry into the deal by 28 October here.