Perth rallies against the TPP

October 6, 2016: Diverse community groups including AFTINET, Unions WA and The Greens banded together to rally to Stop the TPP in Perth on Wednesday. The rally was part of nationwide protests coinciding with the TPP Parliamentary Inquiry hearings around the country. There was a successful rally in Sydney last week and another is planned in Melbourne on Friday 7 October

Dr Patricia Ranald, AFTINET Convener told the media:

“The TPP is not about free trade, but gives more rights to corporations at the expense of people’s rights.

"It will give foreign investors the right to bypass national courts and sue our governments for millions of dollars in unfair tribunals over health and environmental laws.”

Secretary of UnionsWA, Meredith Hammat said:

"The TPP has very weak, unenforceable commitments on labour rights, posing a risk to working people in Australia and proposed trading countries, many of which are developing. Australia would have to compete with the products of under-paid, exploited and even child and slave labour.

"The TPP would allow more temporary migrants to work in Australia, putting them at risk of exploitation and removing requirements for employers to evidence that locals might be able to fill vacancies first.” 

Greens Co-Deputy Leader Senator Scott Ludlam said:

“Over 300,000 Australians have signed petitions against the TPP. We want to send a strong message that the TPP is bad for our environment and bad for our democracy.”

"The TPP would be disastrous for our planet, giving companies the power to subvert measures that prevent dangerous global warming. Companies could bypass regulation of mining, land use and bio-technology.”

You can read the full media release via Unions WA here and coverage on here

Much of the event was captured live by Perth Indymedia Radio - RTR 92.1 FM and you can watch the video below or via their Facebook page.