Write to Jason Clare, Labor’s new trade spokesperson

Jason Clare MP has replaced Senator Penny Wong as the new Shadow Minister for Trade and Investment, which means he has a powerful role in deciding Labor's position on the TPP and ultimately whether the deal is ever ratified in Australia.

Mr Clare has come into the role at a critical time – the TPP legislation still looks likely to be introduced to Parliament this year. It’s really important that he knows about the huge community opposition to the deal in its current form.

Let Mr Clare know that the TPP is bad for:

  • Democracy. It allows global corporations to sue governments over health, environment and public interest laws. 
  • Health. Medicines will be more expensive because of stronger monopoly rights for pharmaceutical companies to charge higher prices for longer.
  • Workers. Contains no enforceable protection for labour rights or migrant workers, with no testing if local workers are available before bringing in temporary overseas workers
  • The environment. Lacks enforceable commitments to key international agreements, does not mention climate change and allows corporations to sue over new environmental laws. 

Send your email to jason.clare.mp@aph.gov.au or post your message publicly to his Facebook page or via twitter using @JasonClareMP

If you send an email, please BCC us in on campaign@aftinet.org.au, so we can monitor the response.