Record number of ISDS cases in 2015

10 February 2016

As the world prepares for a massive expansion of the investor-state dispute settlement  (ISDS) system through the TPP, startling information has come to light.

As the world prepares for a massive expansion of ISDS thanks to the TPP, startling new information has come to light: it’s been revealed by UNCTAD that foreign investors launched  70 new ISDS cases against governments last year, more than any prior year.

This is twice the number of new cases than were launched just five years earlier. The total number of outstanding cases is now almost 700.

They also report that foreign investors have launched more ISDS cases in each of the last five years than in the first three decades of the ISDS system combined, and that more than half of all concluded cases have resulted in either settlement or loss for the government involved.