TPP forum to be held in Canberra today amid strong community opposition

3 February 2016
Fifty-nine community organisations - representing more than two million Australians - have endorsed AFTINET's letter to parliamentarians calling for an independent assessment of the Trans-Pacific Partnership before Parliament votes on the TPP implementing legislation.
Representatives of AFTINET, the ACTU, the Public Health Association and GetUp will all speak out about the dangers of the deal at a forum co-hosted by ALP, Greens and Independent parliamentarians today.
GetUp and SumofUS will also present petitions signed by 306,760 Australians, showing strong community opposition to the TPP. 
The TPP is set to be signed in a ceremony tomorrow in New Zealand, a formal procedure which signals the beginning of the TPP parliamentary process, which in the coming months must critically examine many dangerous details that are not about free trade.
“The TPP includes rights for foreign companies to sue our governments over future health, environment and other public interest laws,” AFTINET Convener Dr Patricia Ranald told the media today.
We could be selling our sovereignty for little or no economic benefit, as shown by the recent World Bank study. In the absence of independent assessments, the implementing legislation should not be passed.”
AFTINET will continue to campaign for MPs and Senators to vote no to the TPP's implementing legislation in the absence of an unbiased, independent assessment of the impact of the deal on Australians.
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