Senior bureaucrat confirms no China FTA testing for local workers

September 9, 2015: The Prime Minister's claim in Parliament that  the China FTA allows " no possibility of placing any foreigner in an Australian job without labour market testing"  was flatly contradicted by the evidence of a senior officer from  Department of Immigration and Border Protection   to the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties on September 7. 

Kelvin Thomson MP: “Mr Wilden, you referred in your evidence again this morning to engineers, nurses and category three trades. Are Chinese tradespersons, category three, engineers and nurses currently subject to labour market testing conditions and requirements?”

David Wilden, DIBP: “If they were to come in currently and they are not exempt, they would be required to be subject to labour market testing, the sponsors would be.”

Thomson: “And if the China FTA comes into force, will they be subject to those labour market testing conditions then?”

Wilden: “No, they would be exempt.” See media release from Shadow Trade Minister Penny Wong here