Media Releases

Robb promises US longer TPP monopolies on biologic drugs

Media Release February 25, 2016: "Trade envoy Andrew Robb has reassured US pharmaceutical companies that the TPP will provide at least eight years of market protection for expensive biologic drugs, and potentially as long as 12 to 17 years in Australia’s case. Mr Robb is telling one story in the US and another story in Australia,” Dr Patricia Ranald, Convenor of the Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network said today.

Minister Robb shoots the messenger, refuses independent TPP assessment

MEDIA RELEASE, February 4, 2016: Trade Minister Robb today rejected calls from 59 community organisations representing over two million Australians for an independent assessment by the Productivity Commission on ABC national radio this morning. He claimed  that the broad alliance of public health, church, environment, aid and development and union organisations were just ‘the usual suspects opposed to all trade agreements’.

ALP, Greens and independents co-host TPP forum amid strong community opposition

Media Release, February 3, 2016:

Fifty-nine community organisations representing more than two million Australians from all walks of life have endorsed a letter to parliamentarians asking for an independent review of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and its impact on Australians before Parliament votes on the TPP implementing legislation. 

Trans-Pacific trade deal a hard sell for PM Turnbull in Washington

Media Release January 18, 2016 : "Prime Minister Turnbull faces an uphill battle convincing members of the U.S. Congress to support legislation for the TPP, given recent studies which show negligible or negative impacts from the TPP on the Australian and US economies, and threats to environmental laws,” Dr Patricia Ranald,  Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network said today.

China trade ads hide truth on jobs, investor rights as FTA rules begin

Media release, December 17, 2015: "As the China FTA rules begin from December 20, the glossy government ads about “export trade deals” hide the truth about the real impact on jobs, and democratic sovereignty for future regulation in the public interest,” Dr Patricia Ranald, Coordinator of the Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network said today. Read full release here.

China FTA Inquiry reports show Coalition, ALP and Greens divisions

MEDIA RELEASE October 19, 2015:  “The majority and dissenting reports of the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties on the China FTA show sharp divisions between the Coalition, ALP and Greens on on temporary workers and labour rights, and investor rights to sue governments," Dr Patricia Ranald, Coordinator of the Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network said today. Read the full media release here.

TPP leak shows devil in the detail on access to biologic medicines and copyright monopolies

Media Release October 10, 2015

“The final version of the intellectual property chapter the TPP was leaked today on WikiLeaks with several technical analyses,” said Dr Patricia Ranald, Coordinator of the Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network.“Further analysis will take more time, but the text reveals that the US proposal for an extension of monopolies on costly life-saving biologic medicines from 5 to 8 years is still in the text,” said Dr Ranald.