2012 Media Releases

Tobacco fight continues at Trans-Pacific free trade negotiations 30 community groups condemn use of trade agreements to sue governments 3rd September 2012: http://aftinet.org.au/cms/sites/default/files/Media%20release%20Leesburg.pdf

Fair trade group slams business call for corporate rights to sue governments in trade agreements. 10th August 2012: http://aftinet.org.au/cms/sites/default/files/Media%20release%20ACCI%20100812.pdf

Fair trade group welcomes Parliamentary Committee rejection of Anti-Counterfeiting Agreement (ACTA) and condemns similar proposals in Trans-Pacific negotiations 27th June 2012: http://aftinet.org.au/cms/sites/default/file/media%20release%20JSCOT%20270612%20Parli%20Com%20Rejects%20ACTA.pdf

TPPA negotiations slowed by resistance to US demands on medicines, investor rights. 9th March 2012: http://aftinet.org.au/cms/sites/default/files/Media%20release%20TPPA%20090312%20final.pdf

Rally: FAIR DEAL or NO DEAL at all! - Thursday March 8, 12.30-1.15pm. 8th March 2012: http://aftinet.org.au/cms/sites/default/files/Media%20release%20TPPA%20080312.pdf

International civil society groups slam corporate influence on Trans-Pacific free trade talks in Melbourne. 1st March 2012: http://aftinet.org.au/cms/sites/default/files/Media%20release%20TPPA%20280212-1.pdf

Public Health groups, Unions demand Fair Deal or No Deal in Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade negotiations; events list Melbourne March 1-9. 23rd February 2012: http://aftinet.org.au/cms/sites/default/files/Media alert 230212 updated proofed final.pdf

Non-State Actor Dialogue Fails 'meaningful' test at PACER-Plus talks. 28th March 2012: http://aftinet.org.au/cms/sites/default/files/Media Release NSA Fails meaingful test.pdf

NGOs critical of 'consultation about consultation' on regional trade agreement. 23rd March 2012: http://aftinet.org.au/cms/sites/default/files/FTOM NSA Press Release 2012 Final-1.pdf