Australian Organisations

  • Aid/Watch is an independent monitor on Australia's aid, trade and debt.

  • Fairwear works to stop the exploitation of homeworkers in Australia as well as exploitation for garment workers overseas.

  • Oxfam Australia campaigns to fight against poverty and injustice.

  • Jubilee Australia campaigns to see the cancellation of debt for developing countries.

  • New Internationalist distributes a wide range of publications
    on issues relating to trade justice.

International Organisations

  • Our World Is Not For Sale is an international network of organisations campaign oninternational trade issues.

  • The World Trade Organisation has information on WTO agreements and disputes processes. The WTO has responded to criticism in a document on their website called "10 common misunderstandings about the WTO" which is an interesting PR exercise.

  • The International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development produces a monthly bulletin called Bridges Trade Digest, available on their website.

  • Public Citizen (USA) have produced two booklets on the WTO, the latest of which is Whose Trade Organisation? Corporate Globalisation and the Erosion of Democracy, which can be ordered through their website.

  • Focus on the Global South (Bangkok) produces a useful bulletin called Focus on Trade which is on their website.

  • The Council of Canadians has useful material on the WTO, GATS and on regional trade agreements like NAFTA and FTAA.

  • GATSWatch monitors and researchs the corporate involvement in the GATS negotiations.


  • is a website aimed at collating information about FTAs from around the world and the campaigns to stop them.

  • Fighting FTAs is a publication/website that focussing on the different struggles against FTAs. The book is related to the website.

Fair Trade Products

  • Tradewinds promotes fair trade tea and coffee by working with communities in country to package and process their products.

  • Oxfam Australia sells a variety of fair trade products online as well as through their stores.

  • New Internationalist Australia is a registered member of the
    World Fair Trade Organization and retails a wide range of fair
    trade goods from producer-partners around the world.