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India responds to calls to resist medicine monopolies in RCEP

October 26, 2017: MSF (Doctors without Borders) has called for India and other countries to block RCEP proposals from Japan and South Korea that would allow pharmaceutical companies to have stronger monopolies, prevent competition and keep medicine prices high. They added that it was time to end the push for ever-higher levels of monopoly control of medicines through free trade agreements .

Philippines thinks TPP not 'too hot' without US and won't join

October 17, 2017: The Finance Secretary of the Philippines, Carlos Dominguez, has stated that the Philippines will not join the TPP without the US. The US withdrew from the TPP agreement on January 24, 2017. Manila Bulletin reports that Mr Dominguez recently told a leaders' forum in Washington DC, “Without the US I don’t think it’s going to be too hot… Without the US, it doesn’t make sense.”

The European Commission’s flawed Multilateral Investment Court System

October 16, 2017: Friends of the Earth Europe trade campaigner Fabian Flues has written a persuasive article about The European Commission’s plans for a Multilateral Investment Court system. The new model, while attempting to address procedural flaws, actually entrenches a fundamentally unjust system that privileges investors over everyone else.