Korea-Australia FTA

AFTINET Submission to the KAFTA Senate Inquiry

AFTINET has made a detailed submission to the Senate Inquiry on the Korea-Australia Free Trade Agreement (KAFTA).

Download AFTINET's Submission here.

AFTINET's submission includes details about the inclusion of investor rights to sue governments over domestic legislation (investor-state dispute settlement) and why claimed "safeguards" will not work, as well as other aspects of the KAFTA.

Submissions still open for the KAFTA Senate Inquiry

The Korea Free Trade Agreement, announced late last year, includes investor rights to sue governments (or ISDS).

Submissions to the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties (JSCOT) Inquiry into the Korea FTA have now closed, but you can still send a submission to the Senate Inquiry .

The government does not have a majority on the Senate Inquiry. If there are many submissions to the Senate Inquiry, then there will be more ammunition for a full critical debate about the Korea FTA when the implementing legislation goes before the Senate.

JSCOT Inquiry on Korea FTA

The Korea FTA has been tabled in Parliament, and the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties (JSCOT) is also conducting an Inquiry, for which submissions closed on June 2013. The government has a majority on this Committee. However, critical submissions are important to demonstrate community opposition and encourage the non-government members to make a minority critical report.

Updated 3/07/2014

"Safeguards” for investor rights to sue governments in Korea FTA text will not work

“The Abbott Government has agreed to include Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) in the Korea Australia FTA text which was released today. ISDS enables foreign investors to sue national, state or local governments for hundreds of millions of dollars of damages if they can allege a domestic law or policy “harms” their investment.