Indonesia/Australia FTA

Trade deal with Indonesia: major issues

The Government is ramping up negotiations with Indonesia as a priority. Negotiations began in 2016 and are continuing in 2018.


  • Stronger medicine monopolies: It is not clear whether Australia will pursue TPP-like proposals.
  • ISDS: It is not clear whether there will be ISDS provisions similar to those in the TPP.
  • Movement of temporary workers: Indonesia is likely to want expanded access for temporary workers in Australia
  • imported product standards: Indonesia wants to export more pesticides and building materials to Australia, and there are doubts about Australia's capacity to ensure they meet product safety standards.

See our September 2016 submission to the DFAT here.

Indonesia Australia free trade agreement likely to miss another deadline

December 12, 2017: Fairfax Media has reported that there is ‘growing doubt’ that the Indonesia Australia free trade agreement (Indonesia Australia Comprehensive Economic Agreement or IA CEPA) will be finalised by the end of the year, as intended. Australian and Indonesian trade ministers will meet again in Argentina this week, after failing to conclude negotiations last month in Jakarta.