Trade with India: key issues

The India-Australia FTA (known as the Australia-India Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement or AICECA) negotiations are now on hold. Negotiations had been ongoing since 2012, were accelerated from 2014, and in August 2016 the Australian Government announced two-month ‘stocktake’, as India focussed on RCEP. Background here.

Major issues:

ISDS and tariffs: Australia wants TPP model of ISDS, but India wants more limited version.: Also reluctant to move to zero tariffs.

Temporary migrant workers: India is seeking expansion of temporary workers with less labour market testing and other changes to student visas and computer-related service providers.

See our submissions below:

AFTINET Second Submission to DFAT September 2015

AFTINET Submission August 2011 to DFAT on the proposed agreement.

AFTINET Submission to the feasibility study March 2008.

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Last updated December 2016