Consultations on trade deal with United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC): submissions due 30 April

Following a joint-statement between the Australian and UAE trade ministers on their intent to pursue a trade deal, DFAT is now accepting submissions from the public about the potential agreement before formal negotiations begin. DFAT has also foreshadowed interest in negotiations with the Gulf Cooperation Council. Both include countries which are notorious for human rights and labour rights violations. 

AFTINET member organisations are encouraged to lodge their own submission to the inquiry before April 30.

AFTINET will be consulting with member organisations and lodging its own submission, which will include concerns such as:

  • Abuse of human rights and labour rights in the UAE and GCC
  • Lack of transparency, consultation, and parliamentary accountability in the deal-making process
  • The need for independent assessment of the costs and benefits of the agreement
  • The need for enforceable labour rights and environmental standards
  • The need to ensure that governments retain the right to regulate essential services, and other areas in the public interest

To learn more about the consultations and to make a submission, see here.