VIDEO: Nurse protests COVID-19 monopolies by applauding Pharma CEOs at Davos

26 May, 2022: A frontline nurse from Liberia has launched a ‘round of applause’ for the Pharma executives at the World Economic Forum who continue to make mammoth profits by lobbying against a waiver of monopolies on COVID-19 medicines at the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

The nurse, George Poe Williams, sought to highlight the urgent need for the WTO to lift monopolies on COVID19 vaccines and treatments, saying in a video of his protest:

“If I wanted to earn what Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla made last year [USD $20 million], I would have to work every single day until 6100 AD. But what makes me really furious is that Bourla and many of his billionaire buddies here at World Economic Forum are doing all they can to block our demands for a patent waiver – just so they can make even more money.”

The proposal to lift patent monopolies was first put forward by India and South Africa two years ago, and could finally be passed at the 12th Ministerial Conference of the WTO in mid-June, if Germany, the European Commission, UK and Switzerland were to change their position. 

“These blocking governments are putting the interests of pharma corporations ahead of the lives of billions across the global south. Vaccine production continues to be restricted by patents. In Liberia, only a third of us are vaccinated. If they don’t act now, they will have blood on their hands.” 

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