Campaign for global vaccine equity featured on ABC News

October 6, 2021:: The campaign for a “TRIPS Waiver” has been featured across ABC News, with AFTINET Convenor Dr. Patricia Ranald telling ABC Radio National AM that the COVID pandemic represents an enormous challenge for the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the international community:

“If the WTO cannot respond to the needs of the majority of people in the world … who are saying, 'We need this waiver of monopolies in order to be able to save millions of lives,' then I think this will be a significant failure for the World Trade Organization."

“While the pandemic rages and millions die in poor countries, we get the development of new strains of the virus, like the Delta strain, and they will come back and get into countries like Australia.”

Click here to listen to the full interview with Dr Patricia Ranald (AFTINET) and Professor Kim Mulholland (Murdoch Children's Research Institute).

The campaign was also featured on ABC News Online, ABC TV News Channel, and ABC News Radio.

Professor Kim Mulholland (Murdoch Children's Research Institute) explained that as public money fuelled the development of COVID vaccines and medical technologies, these therefore belong to everyone:

"It's been a combined effort by the public sector and private sector and by the broad global community. So I see these vaccines as a community asset at a time of global emergency."

To read the full story on ABC News Online, click here.