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November 2023 Trade Justice Bulletin

Inside this edition:

  1. Introduction
  2. AFTINET AGM guest speaker
  3. Clive Palmer uses another trade agreement to sue Australia, again, for $A69 billion over refusal of Waratah coal mine permit
  4. IPEF supply chain deal signed but trade, environment and anti-corruption talks not completed
  5. Australia-EU free trade deal: talks collapse
  6. More ISDS updates: Clive Palmer’s use of ASEAN trade deal to sue Australia scrutinised in trade policy inquiry, UN Report finds ISDS “catastrophic”, US and Canada at risk from ISDS and US civil society groups for Biden to terminate ISDS provisions in US trade agreements
  7. More IPEF negotiation updates: US government responds to demands to regulate big tech in WTO and IPEF negotiations and Māori demand direct representation and comprehensive protections for rights of Indigenous peoples
  8. Medicines access updates: WHO Pandemic Draft retains key provisions and US report fails to move TRIPS waiver extension negotiations forward
  9. Critical minerals updates: ‘business as usual’ for critical mineral mining threatens Indigenous rights and US-Indonesia critical mineral deal prompts backlash over poor environmental and human rights record 

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