AUSFTA Resources

AUSFTA Resources

The United States/Australia FTA was meet by strong community opposition. As part of the campaign against the US FTA a number of campaign materials and reports were published to provide the community with information about what the impacts of the agreement would be on them.

AFTINET's continues to monitor the impacts of the FTA, information on this can be seen in our submissions and events pages.

Campaign Resources:

Trading Australia Away Leaflet

Ten Devils in the Detail Leaflet

Don't Trade Australia Away Postcard

Ozprospect Environmental impact Assessment

Journal Article:

The Australia-United States FTA: A contest of interests - Journal article by Dr Patricia Ranald, 2006, published in the Journal of Australian Political Economy.


AUSFTA attempt to trade away blood processing stopped by community campaigning - Dr Patricia Ranald

The Political Impact of the Australia –US Free Trade Agreement (AUSFTA): Perceptions of the agreement in Australia - Dr Patricia Ranald, Presented at the 2009 Fulbright Symposium, 24-25 August, 2009, Old Parliament House, Canberra