APPEC Speeches

Asia Pacific People for Environment and Community

Putting People into APEC!

Forum Friday August 31, 2007

Lori Wallach - Trade Lawyer, Author and Director of Public Citizen Global Trade Watch

"Challenges to the APEC free trade agenda"

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Sharan Burrow - President the Australian Council of Trade Unions and President of Global Unions International Trade Union Congress.

"Labour Rights in the Asia Pacific Region"

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Melville Fernandez - Coordinator of Caritas Australia's South Asia Program and Advisor to Asia Partnership for Human Development (India)

"APEC - What about the poor?"

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Don Henry - Executive Director, Australia Conservation Foundation

"APEC and climate change"

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APPEC Public Conference

Saturday, September 1, 2007

First Panel Session: APEC's Free Trade Agenda and the Impact on Labour Rights and Human Rights

Prof. Jane Kelsey -  University of Auckland and Action Resource Education Network of Aotearoa (ARENA)

"Why APEC's free trade agenda will implode"

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John Sutton - National Secretary, Construction Forestry Mining Energy Union

"The lack of rights of temporary migrant workers in the Asia Pacific region, the issue of Visa 457 workers in Australia"

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Kelly Dent - Labout Rights Campaigner, Oxfam Australia

"Campaigning against union busting and labour market flexibilisation - with a focus on Indonesia"

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Second Panel Session: APEC's Agenda and its Relationship to the Environment and Peace and Security

Dave Sweeney - Nuclear Campaigner, Australian Conservation Foundation

"Mining uranium - undermining Australia's future: Australia's nuclear ambitions and the region"

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Elmer Labog -   Chairperson of the Kilasung Mayo Uno (May First Movement) Labour Centre

"Workers fighting back against APEC's intensified attack on people's economic and political rights"

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Abigail Jabines - Greenpeace International (Phililpines)

"Climate change, crisis or an opportunity for APEC nations"

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