2007 Bulletins Index

AFTINET Bulletin No. 143
December 2007

  • The new Trade Minister Simon Crean
  • Fiji, PNG 'Turncoat' spells doom for region
  • International groups concerned over free trade in climate policies
  • WTO Update
  • Free Trade Agreement update
  • Aid/Watch fundraising trivia night
  • Fair trade, corporate accountability and beyond: An experiments in 'globalising justice'

AFTINET Bulletin No. 142
November 2007

  • Trade policy in the elections: still plenty of work to achieve trade justice
  • Human Rights Body Uneasy About Impacts of CAFTA-DR in Costa Rica
  • Small scale sustainable farmers are cooling down the earth
  • WTO Update
  • Bilateral FTA Updates
  • A sip for global justice
  • Against the NT Intervention: Family gathering and rally Nov 18
  • Celebrate International Human Rights Day with the Iranian democratic movement, Dec

AFTINET Bulletin No 141
October 2007

  • New Campaigner
  • No ASEAN FTA deal that includes Burma
  • Burma's economic protests turn political
  • U.S. loses trade dispute over cotton subsidies
  • WTO Update - Doha Round Doubtful
  • FTA Update
  • AFTINET AGM Reminder
  • Burma Day of Interfaith Action and Prayer
  • Fundraising evening to support Democracy in Zimbabwe
  • Walk Against Warming

AFTINET Bulletin No 140
September 2007

  • Did APEC achieve anything?
  • APEC fails to address sex slavery, people trafficking say unions
  • New free trade agreements update
  • Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA Sydney Annual Dinner September 26
  • PIAC 25th Anniversary Dinner and Conference October 18 and 19
  • John Pilger's, ‘The War on Democracy' opens nationally September 27

AFTINET Bulletin No 139
August 2007

  • Alternative APEC public forum and Conference August 31 and September 1
  • Sydney Peoples Alternative Rally and Festival
  • Chinese Labour Activist Tour a success
  • Free Trade Agreement Update
  • US Democrats take aim at China in US presidential debate
  • Doha is dead, time to rethink a new model of trade

AFTINET Bulletin No 138
July 2007

  • Farewell to Michele and welcome temporary campaigner Melissa Vogt
  • Coming events: China Labour Activist July 24-5 and APEC public meeting venue change
  • Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) change legislation passed
  • Civil Society letter to Pascal Lamy pronouncing WTO negotiations dead
  • The Great Labour Debate in China, John Sutton
  • Design it for Labour Rights! Competition

AFTINET Bulletin No 137
May 2007

  • Event announcements
  • AUSFTA pressures drive changes to PBS policy
  • Free trade talks
  • US Democrats compromise on trade
  • Victory in Brazil on drug patents
  • Victoria may lift ban on GM produce
  • Fairtrade sales skyrocket
  • Starbucks strike deal with Ethiopia
  • Position available at Jubilee Australia

AFTINET Bulletin No 136
May 2007

  • Welcome new campaigner - Lorissa Barrett
  • Event announcements: Fair trade fortnight, Climate Change and the Pacific, alternative APEC events
  • Campaign victory: Processing of blood products to remain in Australia
  • ALP conference places conditions on China FTA, endorses environment and labour standards in trade policy
  • AMWU study - Potential Employment Impacts of an Australia/China FTA
  • Australia - Japan FTA negotiations begin. A Bad Deal Should be Stopped: Joint Statement from Japanese and Australian people
  • US - South Korea FTA, the latest example of a devastating agreement
  • Joseph Stiglitz on why  free market fundamentalism does not work
  • Battle over China's labour laws

AFTINET Bulletin No 135
March 2007

  • AFTINET campaigner job share opportunity
  • Global Day of Action to stop Free Trade Agreements, April 19
  • ‘Free Trade, Fair for workers?' public forum event, April 28
  • ‘Back on Track' union policy released
  • ‘Rudd set for brawl with the left'
  • Deadline for Doha under Bush's ‘fast track' expires! AFTINET media release
  • ‘Fair terms must come before free trade' -  Pat Ranald letter to the editor
  • Japanese farmers visit AFTINET

AFTINET Bulletin No 134
February 2007

  • AFTINET moves office - again!
  • Invite to AFTINET Planning Meeting
  • Volunteers needed for AFTINET website maintenance
  • WTO talks set to resume
  • ATINET letter on WTO talks published in the Financial Review
  • Lobby State Governments - no to competitive tendering of blood products!
  • World record holder urges ‘keep our blood donor system'
  • Possible Asia Pacific Free Trade Agreement
  • APEC event planned for September