2006 Bulletins Index


AFTINET Bulletin No 133

December 2006

  • AGM report – Social Justice Award for AFTINET
  • WTO - Doha do or die?
  • APEC coming to town
  • G20 and APEC held in November
  • The ever expanding FTA agenda
  • FTA update
  • China FTA negotiations
  • USFTA devils emerge
  • Blood products - review released, and ignored
  • Senate passes copyright law
  • International Trade Union to work on globalisation

AFTINET Bulletin No 132
1 November 2006

  • AFTINET moving and welcome new campaigner Michelle Freeman
  • Rann fired up about free trade with China
  • China Drafts Law to Empower Unions and End Labor Abuse
  • Government rejects criticism of PBS medicine prices
  • WTO Decision on US complaint against regulation of GE food

AFTINET Bulletin No 131
28 September 2006

  • G20 and Cairns Group meetings fail to revive WTO negotiations
  • AFTINET and Trade Ministry on the AUSFTA in the Australian Financial Review
  • Vaile to step down as Trade Minister
  • Tonga defers WTO membership
  • Japan next on Australia’s free trade agenda?
  • STAND UP against global poverty on October 16, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin

AFTINET Bulletin No 130
13 September 2006

  • China trade negotiations make little progress
  • AFTINET call for end to China FTA talks published in Australian Financial Review
  • Labor urges caution on China FTA, AAP
  • Textile, car plans ‘not negotiable’ in China FTA, The Age
  • US turns tough on trade after WTO collapse, Wall Street Journal
  • Civil society calls for a new approach to world trade
  • Successful trade justice dinner, farewell to Jemma Bailey and AFTINET job vacancy

AFTINET Bulletin No 129
25 July 2006

  • WTO talks collapse: AFTINET media release
  • Book soon! AFTINET fundraising dinner on Wednesday 16 August
  • Teach-in on APEC and G20: Saturday 12 August
  • New AFTINET WTO publication ‘No deal is better than a bad deal’
  • Update on GATS negotiations – Thanks to all members who took action!
  • Local council resolutions passed against GATS
  • Crunch time in Geneva: Pressure tactics in the GATS negotiations
  • US FTA may pose risk to blood donation standards, ABC
  • China trade plan wins few friends, The Age
  • Gulf trade talks may widen, The Australian
  • The other oil war: Halliburton’s agenda at the WTO

AFTINET Bulletin No 128
21 June 2006

  • Report of AFTINET meeting with DFAT
  • Update on WTO negotiations: New June deadline set
  • Developed and developing countries clash over biopiracy negotiations at WTO
  • Australia given signal of services flight, The Hong Kong Standard
  • Free trade fears in Snowy backflip, The Age
  • FTA hurting Thai farmers, Bangkok Post
  • New book: Suiting themselves – How corporations drive the global agenda
  • Position vacant: AID/WATCH campaign & project development officer
  • Mark your diary! AFTINET fundraising dinner on Wednesday 16 August

AFTINET Bulletin No 127
12 May 2006

  • Pharmaceutical company uses US FTA to push for review of PBS listing
  • Report back from AFTINET seminar ‘One year on: Pulling back the curtain on the US FTA’
  • AFTINET intervenes in parliamentary review on blood supply under US FTA
  • Mark your diary! AFTINET fundraising dinner on Wednesday 16 August
  • Another WTO deadline missed. Developing countries and community groups hold strong
  • New research reports released: WTO’s Doha Round is a recipe for disaster for developing countries
  • Latin American countries band together against water liberalisation
  • China FTA may threaten furniture makers, The Age
  • Sydney: World Debt Day events 15 – 16 May
  • Melbourne: Fair Trade fortnight event 15 May


AFTINET Bulletin No 126
5 April 2006

  • REMINDER: AFTINET seminar ‘One year on: Pulling back the curtain on the US FTA’ Friday 7 April
  • Enter the G6 – Australia leads the way in exclusive WTO meetings
  • Update on GATS negotiations – water, energy, education and postal services targeted
  • WTO protestors finally acquitted of all changes from December Ministerial
  • Economic sectors split in bid to secure China FTA, ABC News
  • FTAs – Trading away our traditional knowledge
  • Wanted: AFTINET volunteer with graphic design or cartooning skills
  • Campaign to fund our ABC!

AFTINET Bulletin No 124
20 February 2006

  • AFTINET campaign planning evening on Tuesday 7 March
  • Take action: Pressure Trade Minister Vaile about the impact of the US FTA on medicines policy!
  • WTO disputes panel rules against regulation of genetically engineered crops
  • UN paper raises concerns about opening trade in services for developing countries
  • Bolivia calls for removal of water from trade agreements
  • AFTINET membership renewals
  • Melbourne event: World Trade Organisation 101 workshop

AFTINET Bulletin No 123
24 January 2006

  • Public forum: Closed door deals and community resistance – A report back from the WTO Ministerial Meeting in Hong Kong, 6pm 15 February, Sydney
  • No celebration on the first anniversary of the Australia – US Free Trade Agreement
  • News clippings on the Australia-US FTA
  • Charges dropped against WTO protestors in Hong Kong
  • Australia-Thai trade deal to be challenged
  • AFTINET fundraising drive in 2006