2005 Bulletins Index

AFTINET Bulletin No 122
20 December 2005

  • Happy Christmas and New Year
  • Disappointing deal in Hong Kong: Report from Jemma Bailey, 19 December
  • Sydney Morning Herald Opinion 20/12/05: Quietly trading away our rights

AFTINET Bulletin No 121
5 December 2005

  • WTO draft text released for Ministerial Meeting - talks remain in crisis
  • Action stations: Write a letter to the editor and bring the negotiations out from behind closed doors!
  • Developing countries call to reclaim development in the Doha 'Development' Round
  • Doha Round's development impacts - Shrinking gains and real costs
  • Chances diminish for solution on TRIPS and Public Health before Hong Kong
  • Get informed: New info booklets on the WTO negotiations’
  • Get involved: Events in December in the lead-up to the WTO Ministerial (Sydney, Melbourne and Perth)

AFTINET Bulletin No 120
3 November 2005

  • AFTINET Annual General Meeting, 5:30pm 16 November 2005
  • High Court ruling on copyright may be overturned to comply with USFTA
  • Update on GATS benchmarking proposals – the campaign continues
  • Civil Society slams WTO’s dodgy drafting process for WTO trade in services text
  • US agriculture proposals at WTO keeps unfair system intact
  • Report-back from conference: ‘Piecing the Puzzle of the trade and aid jigsaw in the Pacific
  • Melbourne Social Forum, 19 – 20 November

AFTINET Bulletin No 119
6 October 2005

  • Action: Write a submission on the WTO negotiations by 21 October
  • Community and developing countries voice objections to benchmarking proposals in WTO trade in services agreement (GATS)
  • Stakes high in WTO dispute over genetically modified crops and food
  • Watching brief: Australia signs Trade and Investment Framework with Indonesia
  • Sydney event: Public forum on Piecing the Puzzle of the trade and aid jigsaw in the Pacific, Thursday 20 October
  • Sydney event: Public forum on Globalisation, Free Trade and Technology, 11 October

AFTINET Bulletin No 118
19 September 2005

  • Invitation to join AFTINET discussion e-list
  • Parliamentary review of US and Singapore trade agreements gives lie to claims of economic success
  • No easy ride in the land of the FTA, The Age
  • Update on Senate Inquiry on Australia’s relationship with China
  • Civil Society Declaration on the G20 Ministerial Meeting in Pakistan
  • Canadian groups launch appeal on the constitutionality of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
  • Inquiry on Corporate Accountability
  • Conference - Piecing the Puzzle on trade and aid in the Pacific: 20 – 21 October, Sydney

AFTINET Bulletin No 117
16 August 2005

  • No agreement at July WTO General Council meeting – an assessment of the current negotiations
  • US FTA blamed for move to competitive tendering in community services
  • Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) passed in the US … and movement of peoples caught up in the horse-trading
  • Pacific Nations Threat, PNG Post Courier
  • ‘NAMA Watch’: New website to monitor the WTO’s non-agricultural market access negotiations
  • Sydney Social Forum, 27 – 29 August

AFTINET Bulletin No 116
25 July 2005

  • EVENT REMINDER: What’s the WTO up to now? An AFTINET public forum in Sydney on 6pm Thursday 28 July
  • Report on progress of WTO Mini Ministerial: China meeting may be too little too late
  • Government under fire over China FTA, The Age
  • Media on access to medicines and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme
  • Call for submissions on Australia-Japan Free Trade Agreement
  • Sydney event: Screening of ‘The Yes Men’, Wednesday 27 July

AFTINET Bulletin No 115
7 July 2005

  • What is the WTO up to now? An AFTINET public forum in Sydney on 6pm Thursday 28 July
  • AFTINET appears before Senate Inquiry on Australia’s relations with China
  • China FTA resolution passed at ALP State Conference
  • North and South countries differ on assessment of WTO services talks, and on the need or otherwise for a new negotiating approach
  • Preparations for WTO Ministerial in Hong Kong – Details for NGO and media registration
  • Reminder: AFTINET has moved to a new office

AFTINET Bulletin No 114
20 June 2005

  • AFTINET is moving offices
  • Government tables second round offer in GATS negotiations: Campaign victory as water for human use is excluded from offer
  • AFTINET press release: Government concedes that water does not belong in trade agreements
  • "Stop the GATS power play": GATS statement from civil society
  • Event: Make poverty history white wrist band day 1 July

AFTINET Bulletin No 113
12 May 2005

  • Calling on the WTO to make the agriculture negotiations more inclusive and transparent
  • Media reports: Social impacts of the China Free Trade Agreement
  • Environmental laws lined up for removal by new trade talks
  • Event: World Debt Day, Monday 16 May 2005

AFTINET Bulletin No 112
21 April 2005

  • Report on Global Week of Action for Trade Justice events
  • Howard announces China FTA negotiations … and then releases Feasibility Study
  • Call for public submissions: China Free Trade Agreement
  • Trading on Labour Rights, Aust Financial Review
  • WTO appellate body ruling on internet gambling case
  • Brasillia Declaration on GATS and the right to education
  • Call for public submissions: Australia-United Arab Emirates FTA
  • Sydney event: Politics in the Pub discusses the US FTA, 29 April

AFTINET Bulletin No 111
23 March 2005

  • AFTINET Avant Card on WTO trade in services and the right to water
  • Senate Inquiry on Australia’s relations with China - please make a submission!
  • Report of Hong Kong planning meeting for the 2005 WTO Ministerial Meeting and meetings with Hong Kong organisations about the China FTA
  • Report on AFTINET lobbying trip to Canberra
  • WTO status hurts China’s rural poor: World Bank
  • Australia eyes free-trade deal with UAE as ‘launchpad’ for access to Middle East

AFTINET Bulletin No 110
18 February 2005

  • Urgent action: Send a message to the Trade Minister about the current GATS negotiations in Geneva
  • Senate Inquiry announced into Australia – China relations
  • Time to gear up for the generic v brand-name drugs showdown
  • Community groups and unions launch legal challenge on NAFTA investment rules
  • Event: Fair Wear Fabric of Society Dinner, 31 March.

AFTINET Bulletin No 109
19 January 2005

  • AFTINET planning meeting 16 February: all members welcome
  • Australia – ASEAN – New Zealand Free Trade Agreement: Call for public submissions
  • Monitoring the impacts of the US FTA in 2005
  • WTO report criticises increasing trend to bilateral trade relations
  • Australia pushes developing countries to make service commitments in WTO trade in services agreement (GATS)
  • Community Organising School, 3 – 6 April, Sydney