2004 Bulletins Index

AFTINET Bulletin No 107
2 December 2004

  • AFTINET welcomes Jemma Bailey, farewells Louise Southalan
  • Government introduces copyright amendments to AUSFTA implementing legislation
  • ASEAN-ANZ Free Trade negotiations to start in April 2005
  • Poor Country Gains from Trade Greatly Overstated
  • Reminder: Sydney Seminar on China FTA: 7 December

AFTINET Bulletin 106
24 November 2004

  • USFTA finalised but US to act to delay generic medicines
  • Minister warns on deal with Beijing
  • Trade deal with China on agenda in PM's visit
  • Reminder: AFTINET seminar on China FTA: Sydney 7 December

AFTINET Bulletin 105
17 November 2004

  • Update on USFTA
  • US forces FTA change to copyright
  • Thai FTA legislation in Parliament
  • AFTINET Sydney Seminar on China FTA: 7 December
  • Melbourne Public Forum on WTO: 29 November

AFTINET Bulletin 104
21 October 2004

  • Reminder: GATS consultations and submissions
  • Change of date for AFTINET China seminar: now 7 December
  • USFTA update:
    - Canberra feels trade deal heat from Congress
    - PBS faces winds of change
  • New book: How to Kill a Country: Australia’s devastating trade deal with the US

AFTINET Bulletin 102
23 September 2004

  • China/Australia FTA: Sydney seminar 23 November
  • Australia/Malaysia FTA Scoping Study: Call For Submissions by 15 October
  • ASEAN, Australia, New Zealand look to 2007 pact

AFTINET Bulletin 101
31 August 2004

  • New AFTINET leaflet and briefing on the WTO
  • Labor must stand firm
  • U.S. Is Playing Shell Game With Subsidies
  • Oxfam Community Aid Abroad National Conference, October 1-3 Sydney

AFTINET Bulletin 100
13 August 2004

  • USFTA legislation passed: What Next?
  • Labor’s plan for 'safeguards' on the USFTA
  • Bullying big pharma puts pressure on Howard

AFTINET BUlletin No 99
5 August 2004

  • USFTA campaign: Implementing Legislation still stalled in the Senate
  • Joint statement: Mark Latham and Stephen Conroy on USFTA amendments
  • WTO deal drops "new issues", makes some progress on agricultural subsidies but still neglects many needs of developing countries
  • Washington pressures Canberra on China deal

AFTINET Bulletin No 98
27 July 2004

  • Marginal Polls tell Labor to Reject US Free Trade Agreement
  • Government PBS review Process released for comment
  • Plum jobs for US trade deal advisers

AFTINET Bulletin No 97
21 July 2004

  • Peak Community Organisations call for rejection of US Free Trade Agreement
  • Why Latham should reject the FTA

AFTINET Bulletin No 96
8 July 2004

  • Key Labor senator hits US agreement
  • Rationalists run for cover in free-trade debate
  • USFTA events in July: Melbourne, Brisbane
  • Thai Australia Free Trade Agreement Process Flawed, say Community Groups

AFTINET Bulletin No 95
10 June 2004

  • AFTINET Avant Card on USFTA in coffee shops and theatres
  • Claims by US Trade Negotiator are out of date and misleading
  • New modelling cuts FTA gains
  • Draft submission on China/Australia FTA attached for comments

AFTINET Bulletin No 94
26 May 2004

  • Lobbying ALP Senators and federal MPs: update
  • Coalition faces Labor of love to sell deal
  • WTO Panel rules against special and differential treatment for developing countries
  • Thailand: Trade, Labour and Rights: Sydney public meeting 8 July
  • USFTA talk Melbourne, 7 June
  • USFTA Demonstration Melbourne, 7 June

AFTINET Bulletin No 93
20 May 2004

  • USFTA update
  • Labor warns it may block trade deal
  • Preliminary comments on Thailand Australia Free Trade Agreement
  • Melbourne USFTA demonstration for Senate Inquiry: 7 June
  • Oxfam Community Aid Abroad: Sydney fair trade event 1 June

AFTINET BUlletin No 92
11 May 2004

  • Report of AFTINET rally and Parliamentary Committee hearings
  • Now is the time to lobby the ALP: AFTINET lobbying campaign
  • AFTINET media release: Government study on USFTA exaggerates gains and ignores costs
  • Impact of USFTA on pharmaceuticals in Australia
  • US trade deal won't have 'big effect' on investment
  • EU woos poor countries with tariff pledges
  • Public lecture Sydney 19 May: Feminism in a neo-liberal age

AFTINET BUlletin No 91
29 April 2004

  • FTA hearings open with union defiance
  • AFTINET rally: Sydney 4 May 12.30pm
  • Actors to hold USFTA Kids Concert: Sydney 16 May

AFTINET Bulletin No 90
16 April 2004

  • Lobby groups gather to dispute the FTA
  • Report accuses Australia & NZ of bullying Pacific Islands
  • USFTA: Senate Committee submissions due 30 April
  • USFTA events (Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Dubbo)
  • Brisbane Social Forum 7 to 9 May

AFTINET Bulletin No 89
8 April 2004

  • AFTINET launches new USFTA publication
  • Sydney events for Committee hearings: 19 April & 4 May
  • Ask SBS to produce USFTA debate
  • Australia-China FTA Joint Feasibility Study: Call for Public Submissions
  • Online bets on cards with WTO
  • Friends of the ABC: USFTA Dinner, Perth 23 April

AFTINET Bulletin No 88
15 March 2004

  • The Devil in the Detail: AFTINET summary and analysis of USFTA
  • Update on parliamentary committees inquiring into USFTA
  • Public meeting on the USFTA: Sydney 1 April , 6pm, Tom Mann Theatre, Surry Hills

AFTINET Bulletin No 87
4 March 2004

  • USFTA: text released and AFTINET response
  • Free trade deal tested as Labor threatens blockade
  • AFTINET planning meeting: Sydney 10 March
  • WTO official sees no chance to end Doha this year
  • Conference on global debt: Sydney 24 March
  • Oxfam Community Aid Abroad Walk Against Want, Sunday 21 March

AFTINET Bulletin No 86
24 February 2004

  • Text of USFTA and upcoming campaign
  • Opinion poll shows growing doubts about USFTA
  • AFTINET meeting with DFAT
  • AFTINET Planning Meeting 10 March

AFTINET Bulletin No 85
16 February 2004

  • Telstra Privatisation Letter in USFTA
  • US/Singapore FTA letter pledging to privatise SingTel
  • Betrayed by our own sycophantic team - Oliver Yates, Australian Financial Review, Feb 16
  • U.S. Congress Representative Tom Allen statement of concern on the USFTA and medicines - Feb 10
  • WTO Victory: investment, competition policy and government purchasing off the agenda and WTO Ministerial Meeting unlikely in 2004

AFTINET Bulletin No 84
12 February 2004

  • AFTINET’s media work on the USFTA issue
  • Summary of Key Provisions of the Australia-US FTA
  • Report: International Trade Campaign Conference, Delhi
  • AFTINET Planning Meeting 10 March

AFTINET Bulletin No 83
6 February 2004

  • USFTA to bring higher medicine prices despite Minister's promises
  • Bush urged to save trade deal
  • AFTINET Planning Meeting 5 pm, 10 March, Sydney
  • Letter to US Trade Representative from the US National Conference of State Legislatures against an Investor State Complaints process in the USFTA, 2/2/04
  • An Invitation to meet and hear Professor Richard Feachem, Executive Director of The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

AFTINET Bulletin No 82
27 January 2004

  • US FTA may collapse as US excludes sugar from deal
  • No FTA is better than a bad FTA, Sydney Morning Herald January 27, 2004
  • Three US drug firms' bitter trade pill, Sydney Morning Herald January 27, 2004
  • USFTA seminars, Sydney and Orange, January 29

AFTINET Bulletin No 81
21 January 2004

  • Democrat Congress members' letter condemns US push for higher drug prices
  • WA farmers use Canadian evidence condemn USFTA attack on Wheat Board
  • New Research shows NAFTA problems on 10th anniversary

AFTINET Bulletin NO 80
19 January 2004

  • Thousands of AFTINET statements delivered to Trade Minister as US Farmers lobby against USFTA
  • Opposition grows as USFTA campaign continues in 2004
  • US Trade Representative Zoellick drops two New WTO issues in bid to revive talks in 2004