2001 Bulletins Index

AFTINET Bulletin No 33
18 December 2001

  • MAI Resurrected: Report on Brussels Meeting of fair trade activists
  • Campaigns in 2002
  • AFTINET needs a Treasurer: please help
  • Sign on Statement on Doha outcome and process from civil society groups

AFTINET Bulletin No 32
15 November 2001

  • Successful Sydney Fair Trade Rally
  • WTO Doha Meeting Outcome: US and EU twist arms to get compromise but negotiations on "new issues" delayed until 2003

AFTINET Bulletin No 31
5 November 2001

  • Global Civil Society Protests for WTO Meeting and Sydney Fair Trade Rally, 12 noon, Darling Harbour Convention Centre, Tuesday November 13
  • WTO tries to ram through draft statements despite disagreement
  • Developing country governments reject WTO draft statements
  • Civil Society Groups Slam Doha Draft

AFTINET Bulletin No 30
25 October 2001

  • WTO Ministerial meeting to proceed in Doha, Qatar on November 9-13, but still no agreement on a statement
  • Australian proposals on liberalisation of environment services and maritime services
  • Anthrax scare reveals double standards on access to medicines in Canada and the US
  • Reminder: Sydney Fair Trade Rally, 12 noon, Darling Harbour Convention Centre, Tuesday November 13, Seminar and Band Night Sunday November 11

AFTINET Bulletin No 29
10 October 2001

  • Doha Meeting may be postponed
  • Developing country governments criticise WTO draft Ministerial Declaration and Australian position paper on a new round
  • Ambiguous messages from Australian WTO Paper on Education Services: need to keep campaigning
  • Sydney Fair Trade Rally Tuesday November 13, 12 noon Darling Harbour Convention Centre, Seminar and Band Night Sunday November 11
  • PNG, the IMF and Globalisation Sydney Seminar, October 15 and 16

AFTINET Bulletin No 28
27 September 2001

  • Report of the Parliamentary Inquiry into Australia’s relationship with the WTO released
  • Conflicting WTO drafts on TRIPS and access to Medicines
  • An end to the myth of security, by Kathy Kang

AFTINET Bulletin No 27
13 September 2001

  • Still no agreement on WTO draft for Doha
  • French Government calls for delay in WTO Ministerial Meeting; French Prime Minister supports Tobin Tax
  • US-Australia Free Trade Agreement delayed: more time to send your letter to the Minister
  • Please send urgent letter to Germany’s Chancellor Schroeder on Environmental Agreement for Export Credit Agencies by Monday 17 September
  • Conference: Corporate Power or Peoples’ Power? Transnational Corporations and Globalisation 27, 28, 29 September, University of Technology, Harris St, Sydney
  • Political Parties debate Trade and Aid Policy, Tues Oct 9, Pitt St Uniting Church, Sydney
  • Action for World Development (AFTINET member) seeks sub-tenant

AFTINET Bulletin No 26
31 August 2001

  • Public Meeting: Political Parties debate Trade and Aid Policy, 9 October, 6pm, Pitt St Uniting Church, 264 Pitt St, Sydney
  • Website for World Forum on the WTO, Beirut, 6-8 November 2001
  • "Our World is not for Sale" Global Statement needs your signature
  • Vision of Human Unity from World Council of Churches

AFTINET Bulletin No 25
17 August 2001

  • Developing Countries Speak Against New Round At WTO Council Meeting
  • World WTO Civil Society Forum In Beirut 6-8 November, before WTO Ministerial Meeting In Doha
  • The latest DFAT Brief on the Doha Ministerial Meeting
  • Protesting or blockading at CHOGM?
  • Bush fails to win support for "Fast Track" Trade
  • Argentinian debt sparks mass protest
  • Coming Events, Brisbane & Sydney

AFTINET Bulletin No 24
26 July 2001

  • Developing Countries reject Doha Agenda for WTO at Geneva and African Meetings
  • NGO reply to WTO Mike Moore’s attack reported in Bulletin 23
  • AID/WATCH sign on letter to World Bank for Tues for July 31 and Soup Kitchen Protest August 1, 5pm, ANA Hotel, 176 Cumberland St, the Rocks, Sydney
  • Waldon Bello’s Account of the Battle of Genoa

AFTINET Bulletin No 23
12 July 2001

  • AFTINET website revamped
  • ACTU on new WTO Round
  • DFAT Consultation Reports
  • WTO Symposium with NGOs: Mike Moore attacks Civil Society Groups
  • Sydney Events

AFTINET Bulletin No 22
5 July 2001

  • Launch of Global WTO statement in Geneva
  • Sydney events

AFTINET Bulletin No 21
27 June 2001

  • Reply to Financial Review article attack on the Fair Trade Movement
  • Australia-Singapore Free Trade Agreement: letter to the Minister
  • Useful articles on GATS and DFAT report on WTO and APEC services negotiations
  • New WTO Round in Doubt: NY Times article
  • Coming Events in Sydney

AFTINET Bulletin No 20
7 June 2001

  • WTO International Sign-On Statement

AFTINET Bulletin No 19
4 June 2001

  • DFAT WTO Consultations Sydney 28 June and Melbourne 5 July
  • DFAT WTO submissions deadline extended until August 1
  • US Corporations push Aust-US Free Trade Agreement: article and letter for you to send to the Minister
  • Sydney Coming Events

AFTINET Bulletin No 18
29 May 2001

  • Reminder: DFAT consultations for WTO Ministerial meeting to be held in most cities in June and July; submissions to DFAT due July 1
  • Trade in Services: NGOs rebut the WTO GATS Fact and Fiction paper
  • Jubilee 2000 Letter to G8 Finance Ministers to drop IMF/WB debt to poorest countries
  • US Professor Larry George responds to Fareed Zakaria's attack on Quebec protesters in April 30 Newsweek
  • Coming Events

AFTINET Bulletin No 17
15 May 2001

  • WTO Australian Consultations begin: New Round Precarious
  • Indian government and Business Oppose new WTO issues (summarised from BUSINESS LINE May 3, 2001)
  • WTO Registration for NGOs for Qatar WTO Ministerial Conference
  • Sydney Events

AFTINET Bulletin No 16
27 April 2001

  • Report from Buenos Aires: No to the FTAA. Another America is possible
  • Reports from Quebec: 60,000 protest while leaked tape reveals Latin American government concerns about FTAA
  • Drug Companies settle in South Africa: a win for right over profits
  • New Internationalist special edition on the WTO
  • NSW activist group on trade: are you interested?
  • NSW Events for May Day: May 1 and 6
  • Globalisation forum at Byron Bay, May 3, June 2 - 3

AFTINET Bulletin No 15
8 April 2001

  • Government announces public consultations on the WTO
  • US-Australia Free Trade Agreement: letter to the Minister
  • Letter to community groups to organise for a rally for Global Justice in Sydney in November to coincide with the WTO meeting in Qatar
  • Sign the Petition for drug companies to drop their case against South Africa

AFTINET Bulletin No 14
30 March 2001

  • Trade in Services Campaign
  • Meeting with DFAT on Trade in Services
  • Protests against the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas on April 6 in Buenos Aires and April 21 in Quebec
  • International Day of Action on WTO Agreement on Agriculture on April 17

AFTINET Bulletin No 13
22 Feb 2001

  • Report on Sydney WTO Inquiry public hearings and rally
  • WTO inquiry dates for other cities
  • Corporate Code of Conduct Bill hearings Melbourne March 14, Sydney March 15
  • World Social Forum Report
  • WTO and Drug Companies
  • Coming Events