TPP and public education: video

21 March 2016

Watch as AFTINET’s Dr Patricia Ranald explains the TPP, it’s potential impact on public education and other public interest legislation, and what you can do about it.

Thanks to AFTINET member organisation the NSW Teachers Federation for organising the video.

Impact on public education

So what impact could the TPP have on public education? Dr Ranald explains:

"Let’s take the example of TAFE. State governments have contracted out the provision of TAFE services to private providers, resulting in fraudulent courses which are worthless to students, and misuse of government funding.

Let’s say a future government decided to introduce much stricter regulation of private providers, or even return TAFE services to the public sector. A company from the US or another TPP country could argue that the stricter regulation had harmed their investment, and could threaten to sue, or actually sue, the government for millions or even billions of dollars, depending on the losses they claimed.”

Take Action

There’s still time to stop the TPP. Here are some ways you can take action.