AFTINET submission to the Joint Committee and Senate inquiries says no to the TPP-11

The main points in our submission are summarised below. Thanks to all those who have sent submissions. The AFTINET full submission will be available on our website after it is released for publication by the Joint Committee. The Joint Standing Committee on Treaties is due consider submissions, hold public hearings and report on August 22, but the government may attempt to cut short the process. The Senate inquiry is accepting submissions until May 31, and is due to report on September 18.

Draft points for submission to the JSCOT inquiry and the Senate inquiry on the TPP-11

Your submission will be most effective if it is in your own words, and related to your experience. Below are some points you can use. The  TPP-11 text can be found here.

Joint Standing Committee on Treaties inquiry submissions were due by April 20. Senate Inquiry submissions close on May 31. Both can be sent by email.

  1. Joint Standing Committee on Treaties TPP-11 Inquiry
  2. Senate Inquiry

AFTINET submission summary: the EU-Australia FTA framework agreement

This framework agreement is not a legally binding trade agreement, but is a framework required as a legally binding instrument by the EU in order to assess whether potential trade agreement partners share EU values, before commencing formal free trade agreement negotiations. It deals with a wide range of issues in addition to trade agreements. The JSCOT inquiry submissions closed on April 20 and the committee is due to report on August 22. The AFTINET full submission will be available on our website after it is released for publication by the joint committee.

AFTINET submission summary: The Peru-Australia Free Trade Agreement (PAFTA)

The AFTINET submission to the Peru-Australia Free Trade Agreement is summarised below. The JSCOT report is due on August 22, after which Parliament will consider the implementing legislation.  Our assessment is there is insufficient information for support the implementing legislation. The AFTINET full submission will be available on our website after it is released for publication by the joint committee.

Relationship between PAFTA and the TPP-11

Petroleum ISDS cases pose major threat to climate action

April 23, 2018: ANU academic Dr Kyla Tienhaara has published research  in the Journal Transnational Environmental Law showing that mining and energy industries are the most frequent users of Investor-State Dispute Settlement mechanisms heard by the International Centre for the Settlement of Investor Disputes (ICSID), one of the two main tribunal systems that hear ISDS disputes. This poses a threat to effective measures to rapidly reduce carbon emissions.

Three Canadian mining companies lodge ISDS disputes over Colombian mining ban

20 April, 2018: Colombia’s decision to ban mining activities in the Páramos, a range of environmentally sensitive wetlands that provide approximately 70% of the country’s water supply, has so far led to three treaty-based arbitration cases from three different mining investors, under the Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement.

Trump backflip on the TPP exposes its problems: full parliamentary scrutiny needed

Media Release, April 13: " US President Trump’s announcement that he will renegotiate what is now the TPP-11 exposes the dodgy nature of the deal. The remaining 11 countries reached agreement on the basis that bad provisions sponsored by the US are identified as unacceptable but are only suspended and remain in the deal, and could be reactivated if the US re-joined,” AFTINET Convener Dr Patricia Ranald said today.