Ask your MP and Senators to VOTE NO

This year our MPs and Senators will be asked to vote on the TPP’s implementing legislation.

If they pass the TPP legislation they will be paving the way for the deal to come into force – meaning we’ll be vulnerable to lawsuits from foreign corporations and locked in to high medicine prices.

In the absence of a proper, unbiased study to shine a light on this deal, we’re calling on MPs and Senators to vote no to the TPP legislation.

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TPP tabled in Parliament

10 February 2016

Trade Minister Andrew Robb tabled the National Interest Assessment of the TPP  in the House of Representatives on Tuesday. The National Interest Assessment is done by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, which negotiated the agreement and is not independent.

He was again criticised for seeking ratification of the TPP without a proper, independent cost-benefit examination of the deal and its impacts on Australians.

Minister Robb shoots the messenger, refuses independent TPP assessment

MEDIA RELEASE, February 4, 2016: Trade Minister Robb today rejected calls from 59 community organisations representing over two million Australians for an independent assessment by the Productivity Commission on ABC national radio this morning. He claimed  that the broad alliance of public health, church, environment, aid and development and union organisations were just ‘the usual suspects opposed to all trade agreements’.